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we have a commitment to quality. We understand that the quality and consistency of our powders is important for the success of your products. To ensure that Ultra Fine is providing the best quality to its customers we have a fully equipped, on site, quality laboratory staffed by experienced professionals. Our quality lab is designed to preform comprehensive analysis of our gas atomized metal powders, using standard operating procedures to maintain the integrity and performance of our products. The quality lab is the keystone to our AS9100 certification and is how we make sure that everything from raw materials received to the final production lot meets our customers’ quality standards.

Ultra Fine is registered to ISO 9001 and AS9100 and was re-certified in 2024.
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Testing Equipment In Our Lab

  • ThermoFisher ICAP 7400 Duo ICP: For detecting and quantifying trace elements and impurities in our powders with high precision.
  • Microtrac S3500: To measure and control the particle size distribution of our powders, ensuring uniformity and optimal performance.
  • Eltra CS800: For precise carbon and sulfur analysis in our metal powders.
  • Eltra ON900: For oxygen and nitrogen analysis to ensure the purity of our products.
  • Hall Flowmeter, Carney Flowmeter, and SLM Flowmeter: To assess the flowability and handling characteristics of our metal powders.
  • J. Engelsmann STAV II Jolting Volumeter: For accurate measurement of bulk and tapped density.
  • Ethos UP Microwave: For advanced sample preparation to ensure thorough and accurate chemical analysis.
  • RoTap Screener: For particle size distribution analysis through sieve testing.
  • Niton XRF: For rapid elemental analysis and chemical characterization.

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