Additive Manufacturing

Also known as 3D Printing, is a relatively new and innovative process that produces finished parts by adding layer upon layer of material, such as plastic, ceramic, or metal powder. AM parts can be used in various industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, dental and electronics.

A pioneer in the development and production of metal powders since 1990, Ultra Fine offers a tremendous variety of gas atomized alloy powders covering nearly every application. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and capability allow us to produce high quality material with fast turnaround to meet customers’ commercial needs. Great pride is taken in our ability to control the alloy’s chemistry and particle size, as well as consistency within and between production lots. With over 30 years of experience and our customer driven mentality, we can customize, develop, and produce materials to meet each customer’s unique requirements rapidly.

Standard Alloys

Stainless Steel Alloys: 300 series, 400 series, 17-4

Tool Steel: M2, M4, D2

Magnetic Alloys: FeNi, FeCo

Cu Based Alloys: Cu, C18000, C18200

Master Alloys: 17-4MA, 4340 MA, 316L

Low Alloy Steel: 4340, 4140

Super Alloys: Inconel 718, Inconel 625

Co based alloys: F-75, H25

Standard Powder Fractions

d90 <31 µm, <22 µm and <16 µm


​Other fractions available upon request

Standard Packaging

PE Pails: 25kgs, 50 lbs

Drums: 125kgs, 250kgs

Copper Powder

With our unique gas atomization manufacturing process, we have the ability to produce high purity spherical metal powders in tightly sized particle distributions (d90 <30 µm) to meet customers’ stringent specifications. Particles smaller than 30 µm are critical for binder jet 3D printing, but we also have the capability offering -45 µm +15 µm sizes for laser powder bed fusion and other AM processes. In addition, our technical expertise enables us to work closely with our customers and develop powders that best suit their specific application. Also, by working with our partner Novamet Specialty Products Corp., a pioneer for close to 45 years in value added powder processing, we can provide a variety of secondary treatments, coatings, and other capabilities utilizing our high-quality powders.


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